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​In Australia, the protocol is to recognise the Traditional Owners of the land to which we are gathering. Therefore, all presentations must begin with an acknowledgment to country and to local Traditional Elders: “We wish to acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we are to meet upon. We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of Aboriginal peoples to Country. We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal peoples visiting / attending from other areas of Australia who are present here”.


Indigenous Conference Services acknowledges and pay our respect to the Traditional people of the Country. "Welcome to Country" ceremony and "acknowledging the traditional custodians" of the land shows respect for Aboriginal people as Australia's First Peoples. Ceremonies and protocols are a fundamental part of Aboriginal cultures.


​The 5th INDIGENOUS STOP DOMESTIC AND FAMILY VIOLENCE NATIONAL CONFERENCE will focus on issues such as psychological, physical, emotional and mental abuse inflected on individuals and communities subjected to all forms of family and domestic violence. High quality information, research, community and government programs will be highlighted at the conference with the aim of providing positive outcomes in the drive to stop all forms of family and domestic violence in our communities.

The conference is jointly hosted by Murri Sisters Assoc Inc and Indigenous Conference Services with great line up of First Nations speakers nationally and international speakers. Our partnering organisation Murri Sisters Assoc Inc was established to provide support and short-term accommodation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children who are escaping family violence and are risk of homelessness.

The conference primary aim and goal is to employ positive prevention strategies to stop all forms of family and domestic violence across the general community. For years, domestic violence has been hidden in the back rooms and behind closed doors. The conference is only one tool in our arsenal to overcome the scourge of family and domestic violence through the speaking out, sharing of information, knowledge and utilising the best practices.


Abuse takes place in all areas of society from the rich to the poor, from Indigenous communities through to mainstream society. Gender equality and the rights of women and children who are victims played an important role in highlighting violence within the domestic lifestyle of society. Statistics show that throughout the world that men deem to be the most prominent perpetrators; however the conference will focus on both men and women equally together with all other family members. The greater the spotlight on family and domestic violence as well as drawing attention to the identifying predators who inflict the violence, the greater the effectiveness of breaking the cycle of violence.

Many communities have worked hard in addressing the incidence of domestic violence with both non-government and government agencies have developed some great programs in addressing these problems. The Conference is devoted to highlighting many of these successful Domestic Violence programs implemented in our communities.  

With the invention of the internet, the world is now at most peoples’ door step as such the sharing of information whether it be programs run by government or not-for-profit organisations has become more accessible in today’s society. As such, the conference endeavours to establish a network for the sharing of information on breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence.



The conference philosophy is based upon an approach of “Prevention is better than Cure” which require collaborative partnership between all stakeholders, working together to support First Nations communities in addressing all forms of Domestic Violence. The foundation of the conference is to share and discuss positive models of change and initiatives. The event is structured in such a way as to develop a wider methodology towards preventative programs that are culturally appropriate and therefore more likely to succeed. This conference is devoted to showing the positives in addressing Domestic Violence in our communities and families today. Hence, the event has been developed with the belief that it is time to promote the positives and successes in Domestic Violence programs whilst still recognising that we still have a long way to go.


The conference objectives are designed to empower and stimulate discussion in a positive manner that can and may be used back in our work environment to further develop strength unity and education. Moreover one of the most powerful objectives that Indigenous peoples have is the strength to overcome adversity through the power of sharing knowledge and therefore the conference will attempt to foster all of the issues set out in this conference.


  • Reduce incidence of Domestic and Family Violence at all levels,

  • Provide an open and frank forum for discussion,

  • Lend support to individuals and families working in the field of Family and Domestic Violence

  • Help establish and grow a worldwide network and resources through information sharing,

  • Show that Domestic and Family Violence

  • Exchange information regarding the successes of community projects

  • To bring together men, women and organizations as a united voice against domestic and family violence

  • Bring together, researcher, service providers, government agencies, policy makers/developers & organisations

  • Net working and lend support to individuals and groups working in the field of Domestic Violence


This conference is built base on the principles that Men, Women and Community must be united when it comes to Domestic Violence issues. One thing we are all aware of is that Men make up the largest percentage of perpetrators as such this conference theme is centred upon the principle that it is all our duty and responsibility to bring a halt to Domestic Violence.


THE NATIONAL INDIGENOUS STOP DOMESTIC AND FAMILY VIOLENCE CONFERENCE is held approximately every two years with the 2018 event being the 5th conference in the series. It is the largest gathering of workers in the field of Domestic Violence. Over this time the conference has seen in excess of a thousand delegates. It is important to note that the conference is open to all people, not just Indigenous or First Nations’ People from Australia. This conference gives a voice to all sectors of the community from grass roots remote communities through to the politicians and bureaucrats.


Violence against any family member constitutes a violation of the rights and fundamental freedom of that individual and impairs or nullifies their enjoyment of those rights and freedoms. Recognizing that violence against someone is an unequal power between the aggressor and victim. This leads to an uneven balance within the domestic environment which therefore causes further friction or disharmony with other household members, in particular the children.


Indigenous Conference Services’ vision is to break the barriers of silence and stand as a unified group to combat domestic violence and their aftermath by having an open and transparent conference. This in turn will emphasise the inequality that exists in society today.


This conference presents a unique opportunity for delegates to participate in a positive environment that is dedicated to the sharing of information and the empowering of all who attend. In our everyday working environment the day to day stresses of our positions tends to limit us in expanding our knowledge and networking. Whether you work at a community level or at governmental level the opportunity to network and gain contacts outside of your local region tend to be limited, this is why this conference will be so valuable to participants. Hence, all Indigenous people and non-indigenous people whether professional or community-based, who have a vested interest in combating domestic violence are invited.


  • Domestic violence workers

  • Community groups

  • Family relationship workers

  • Community leaders

  • Indigenous women and men’s groups

  • Psychologists, Social Workers, NGOs

  • Women groups, Human Rights Enthusiasts

  • Nurses / Doctors/ Psychiatrists, Police Officers

  • People who are interested in combating Domestic Violence

  • Government Representatives, Community Leaders

  • Consultants / Legal Professionals

  • Domestic Violence Field Workers, Teachers


We wish to invite Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from Australia and throughout to attend the conference to share and gather information. We also extend an invitation to participants to join us at the conference dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.


To ensure that delegates attend and participate, it is important to note that to show accountability of delegates in meeting their obligation; each delegate will receive a Certificate of Attendance only when they attend 85% of all the conference sessions. In addition, delegates will receive a CD with all papers & presentations presented at the conference.


Who: Individuals, Groups, NGO’s, Government Agencies & Others

When: 9th to 11th July, 2018

Where: Marriott Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

Time: 9.00am 


WARNING: Limited availability. Please register online or contact us via email, should you have any further queries.


Indigenous Conference Services (Australia) is a privately owned Indigenous business which specialises in events and conferences. Even though we are a self funded enterprise, we come from a grass roots background with a burning passion for social justice issues; as such, we seek to compliment the workings of community initiatives and organizations across a broad spectrum of Indigenous affairs.


The events that we design, seek not to have a political agenda however, to compliment local, state and national organisations. Indigenous Conference Services (Australia) seeks to employ local community members wherever possible and gives a strong undertaking to adhere to local customs and protocols.



​Murri Sisters Assoc Inc is a non-profit community organisation that has been operating in the Brisbane area for the past 12 years. The organisation was established to provide support and short-term accommodation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children who are escaping family violence and are risk of homelessness. The organisation's vision is to become a lead agency in the provision of quality services for indigenous women and children experiencing family violence.

ICS are a not for profit enterprise, we are continually seeking to partner with organisations. ICS-MEES Pty Ltd is totally Indigenous owned and over time has help establish Indigenous controlled organisations free of charge. Our next major project is to establish and develop a full Indigenous Children Services within the Wide Bay region. Our vision for the service is that it will be a stand-alone privately sponsored organisation in which the core values are the protection of our children through reducing the number of children entering the state-controlled child safety and care.


UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women recognises the urgent need for universal application to women of the rights and principles with regard to equality, security, liberty, integrity and dignity of all human beings, affirming that violence against women constitutes a violation of the rights and fundamental freedoms of women and impairs or nullifies their enjoyment of those rights and freedoms, and concerned about the long-standing failure to protect and promote those rights and freedoms in the case of violence against women, recognising that violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women, which have led to domination over and discrimination against women by men and to the prevention of the full advancement of women, and that violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men, concerned that some groups of women such as women belonging to minority groups, Indigenous women, refugee women, migrant women, women living in rural or remote communities, destitute women, women in institutions or in detention, female children, women with disabilities, elderly women and women in situations of armed conflict, are especially vulnerable to violence certificate.



Come and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, strengths, successes and empowerment. To share each other’s stories and ideas about what has work for you or your community and how we address life’s challenges.



  1. As an employee, we are asked to present valid reasons why we should attend. Listed below are valid points that can be raised with your employer to justify your attendance.

  2. Staff attending conferences regularly tends to become long term employees,

  3. An event such as this adds to the positive moral of staff,

  4. Conferences are a great way of providing ongoing training,

  5. Provides the opportunity to further enhance the organisation knowledge base,

  6. Allows delegates to showcase the organisation nationally and internationally,

  7. May provide organisations with new ideas,

  8. Gives organisations a voice at a national level,

  9. Provide an opportunity to evaluate various programs,

  10. Because this event is conducted over a short period, staff are only absent for a minimal amount of time.



Guidelines for Submitting Paper:

  • Papers should not contain offensive language and take in to account cultural sensitivities.

  • Papers may treat the themes in a manner that contributes to a further discussion of the conference aims.

  • Conference papers must be presented in the finish format not less 60 days prior to the event.

  • First round of call for papers will be closed by  ...........; with a second, is now required which closes on 15th June 2018

  • Papers that are not chosen in the first round may be resubmitted if there is a second round.

  • Papers should be submitted in IBM and Microsoft Word format (word).

  • A Brief Outline of Paper (maximum 350 words online)

  • Presentation time at the conference for your papers will be allowed a maximum of 45 minutes, this will include question and answer time.

  • Call for papers registration fee of $650 will apply to all persons submitting papers payable upon acceptance of papers.

  • Papers should explore ways in which the themes show up in the philosophy of the conference.

  • A maximum of two presenters for each paper are eligible for the discounted call for papers registration fee, if 2 presenters, then 2 biographies are required.

  • Two paragraphs outlining the proposed speaker’s Biography

  • All papers must be presented in a positive and informative light maximum of 2 paragraph 8 lines TOTAL                                                      

  • A Head and Shoulders photo of papers’ authors/presenters are required within 14 days of confirmation of acceptance of paper.

  • Authors agree to have their paper published as part of the conference proceedings

  • Authors to agree to allow biography of themselves and their photo published as part of the conference promotion

  • Authors agree to consent to media interviews, if required

  • Authors and Presenters must show due respect and acknowledgement to Traditional Owners and “Welcome To Country” at the beginning of their presentation.

  • The correct wording will be provided as part of your confirmation letter if chosen and successful in being accepted with due respects and acknowledgement to traditional owners of land where we will be convening.

  • To submit a Paper, you must register on the web portal and complete the online Submit-A-Paper form.

  • Author/s of papers presented at the conference will be formally notified of acceptance.


Speaker's profile Please click here to view SPEAKER'S PROFILE


(Register early to get a discount!) Please note that registrations are set out in an affordable way for organisations which changes on a monthly basis. Hence, the earlier you register the more savings for your organisation. Registration fees include all day access to the event, available conference papers, daily lunch and refreshments, for registered delegates only. Fees do not include travel costs or accommodation. Registration fees are non-refundable and must be received within 7 DAYS from being issued an invoice. Otherwise, bookings will not be considered.  To register, please click here to registration page and complete the form or you can also request for a conference brochure and the registration form to be sent to you by email at



The conference may or may not save you, or your organisation, time, money and manpower however, one thing the event guarantees is the opportunity to enlarge your network and information base thus empowering delegates to make greater informed decisions.



DAY 1 (July 9, 2018)

8:30am      REGISTRATION 


8:45am      Master of Ceremony Safety Announcements


9:00am      WELCOME TO COUNTRY by Aunty Beverly Johnson, Elder, Brisbane Murri Elders Community Justice Group 


9:30am      FORMAL KEYNOTE ADDRESS by Hon Rachel Sanderson MP, Minister for Child Protection SA Government

9:45pm      KEYNOTE SESSION International Keynote Speaker: Inspire Perspective - My Change 4.0 Philosophy  by Dominique Waltower, Social Worker,High School Dropout Prevention Mentor, Job Coach Inspire Perspective

10:30am    MORNING BREAK      


11:00am    KEYNOTE SESSION The White Ribbon Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islanders Engagement Strategy by Adrian Geary, White Ribbon Ambassador and Chairperson,White Ribbon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group


11:45am    KEYNOTE SESSION Speak Up, Be Strong, Be Heard by Acting Senior Sergeant Stephen Tillet & Detective Senior Constable Tod Dodson, Cairns Child Protection and Investigation, Queensland Police Service          


12:30pm    LUNCH BREAK 


1:30pm      KEYNOTE SESSION     National Day of Action by Holly Brennan, CEO Daniel Morcombe Foundation


2.15pm      KEYNOTE      Developing Long Term Strategies To Overcome Domestic Violence by Ms. Josephine Cashman,  Founder & Managing Director Big River Impact Foundation     


3:00pm      AFTERNOON TEA                                                                                   


3:30pm      KEYNOTE SESSION Discussion group on Indigenous women's experiences of technology-facilitated abuse by Dr Colette Mortreux, Research Consultant, The Social Research Centre                                                                                                                                           

4:15pm      KEYNOTE SESSION The Sisters Inside Youth Program by Boneta-Marie Mabo, State Youth Programs Manager, Sisters Inside    


7:30pm CONFRENCE NETWORKING DINNER                                                              


DAY 2 (July 10, 2018)


8:30am      REGISTRATION 


8:45am      Master of Ceremony Announcements

9.00 am     KEYNOTE SESSION Early intervention responses in child protection by Jessica Dean, Principal Lawyer, Children and Young People – Child Protection Team, Legal Aid Queensland


9:45am      KEYNOTE SESSION Supporting effective responses to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women experiencing violence – the case for self-determination by Emma Buxton-Namisnyk, Research Analyst, Australian Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Network


10:30am    MORNING TEA                         


11:00am    KEYNOTE  SESSION  Using technology to keep children safe and families and communities responsible by Chris Boyle, Managing Director, Communities in Sync

11:45am    KEYNOTE  SESSION  Understanding Domestic and Family Violence in the community by Nadia Shuttleworth, Project Officer, Centre of Excellence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics, Australian Bureau of Statistics                                                            

12:30pm    LUNCH BREAK                                                                                     


1:30pm      KEYNOTE SESSION  Stitch in Time and 100 Voices by Di Gipey, Chief Executive Officer, Alice Springs Women's Shelter


2:15pm      KEYNOTE  SESSION  The Micah Projects by Karyn Walsh, CEO & Director, Australian Alliance to End Homelessness 


3:00pm      AFTERNOON TEA                                                                                   


3:30pm      KEYNOTE  SESSION The Stories of Our Women – An example of culturally safe research with and for Aboriginal Women Experiencing Domestic Violence by Jenna Woods, Community Development Tutor, Murdoch University        

4:15pm      YARNING CIRCLE: INTERACTIVE PANEL - HAVE WE HIT THE MARK? by All Delegates, Elders & Guest Speakers   

5:00pm         END OF CONFERENCE                                 





POST- CONFERENCE MASTERCLASS A: The Deadly Thinking Program by Margaret Saunders


Deadly Thinking is a social and emotional well-being and suicide prevention workshop designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people to be delivered to remote Indigenous communities; natural helpers; Elders; ‘at risk’ individuals and ‘at risk’ groups. By taking a leadership role, attendees greatly extend the scope and sustainability of the program as well as the long-term effectiveness of protective strategies in the community. This workshop will teach you how core social and mental well-being issues are addressed in an open, respectful and comfortable forum.

Deadly Thinking Masterclass is strictly limited to 30 people only. Cost is $330 per person. So Book NOW!






A plus to register for  this conference for those dedicated sports lovers is that the last day of the conference, 11th July 2018 is synchronised with the 3rd game of the Rugby League State of Origin which will be held at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.      













As they say, all work and no play, makes for a dull conference. So to overcome this, the conference secretary has organised a conference dinner to be held on the second night of the event. This dinner with give delegates the opportunity to further network whilst letting your hair down in an informal setting.


The conference dinner will be at a cost of $150 per person for a three course meal. The conference dinner is additional to the conference fees and bookings must be made prior to the event. For those who wish to see more of the area the conference secretary has also negotiated a special rate for those delegates who may be interested. Delegates can avail themselves of these offers.


Furthermore it has been proven time and time again that events such as this empowers and reinvigorates workers with new ideas and with enthusiasm, with a greater feeling of support and contacts that may be utilised for the betterment of their own or local community. Whether you are an allied health professional, Indigenous health worker, medical professionals or in administrative clerical role within the organisation, this conference will provide excellent opportunities to gain and share information that will be of use to you back in your community.  The opportunity that this Conference provides to people involved in Aboriginal Health is the sharing of knowledge and development of long term friendships/partnerships.  This conference is basically designed from an Indigenous perspective in which we all lend support to each other regardless of our employers. With all this in mind, we invite you to actively participate in the upcoming event.​​


  1. The event secretary has come up with some great ideas on how to save money for you and your organisation.

  2. We have negotiated a special room rate for delegates with the hotel to access this price you must contact the hotel directly and quote the event code.

  3. As for travel we have engaged Hello World (formerly Harvey World Travel) Hervey Bay to negotiate with all the relevant airlines for special rates.

  4. A special rate for university students is being offered.

  5. For community controlled organisations if you pay for 4 delegates, the 5th delegate will be given a complimentary entry.

  6. Registrations have been broken down to a monthly basis this presents the opportunity of saving money to register early.



Brisbane is a modern city located on the traditional Aboriginal land of Meanjin, today Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, and the largest city in the state of Queensland. Brisbane's metropolitan area has a population of 2.3 million and sits on the Brisbane River.  Clustered in its South Bank cultural precinct are the Queensland Museum and Science Centre, with noted interactive exhibitions.  Another South Bank cultural institution is Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, amongst Australia's major contemporary art museums.  Looming over the city is Mt. Cootha, site of Brisbane Botanical Gardens. The city serving as a gateway to the state of Queensland, particularly to the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, popular resort areas immediately south and north of Brisbane, respectively.
Several large cultural, international and sporting events have been held at Brisbane, including the 1982 Commonwealth Games, World Expo '88, the final Goodwill Games in 2001, and the 2014 G-20 summit. Brisbane is the home of many great sporting teams Brisbane Broncos NRL, Brisbane Lions  AFL, Brisbane Roar A-League, Brisbane Bullets Basketball.

BRISBANE MARRIOTT HOTEL is located at 515 Queen Street Brisbane QLD. The Brisbane Marriott Hotel welcomes you here to Brisbane with exceptional amenities, sophisticated accommodation and a prime location in the CBD. Make yourself at home here in Queensland in our beautifully designed room or suite, which features views of the city skyline or of the Brisbane River - as well as pillow top bedding, marble bathrooms and high-speed Wi-Fi. Additional amenities for your visit include a modern fitness centre, a luxurious on-site spa and a sparkling outdoor pool. Dine in style at Motion Bar & Grill, which features steak, seafood and high tea; enjoy a cocktail at M Bar, or select a wine from our innovative "wine wall". If you're in the mood to explore, our hotel places you near attractions including South Bank, Eagle Street Pier, Fortitude Valley and the Queen Street Mall. We look forward to making your stay special at the Brisbane Marriott Hotel.



To avail for the delegate’s discounted hotel room rate from the venue, please book your hotel directly to Brisbane Marriott Hotel using E3I group code. Alternatively, click this link to be directed to Marriott's booking site:  Book your group rate for Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference

Please phone us on 07 41942803 or 0455776668 or send us your expression of interest by e-mail to



One of the prohibited factors in attending a conference is the airfare component. Our company strives in making our event a lesser burden on the individual or organisation by negotiating competitive and affordable travel packages. Indigenous Conference Services (Australia) also recognises that some NGO’s or other agencies will need to seek additional funding to attend, therefore Hello world Travel (Hervey Bay) quotation can be made out to either pay ASAP or to take into account the time that is required to obtain funding.


Through Helloworld Travel (Hervey Bay): Airfares & Accommodation

For the best possible airfares and seat availability, please confirm your attendance ASAP.


Helloworld Travel (Hervey Bay) only


contact: Phone 07 41281900

Toll free 1800 688993. Email.


Further advantage to using Helloworld Travel for your airfares is that if something goes wrong, you have greater access to your travel agent if required.


At present the conference secretary is organising a day FISHING TRIP to the local Reefs, This excursion can also be arranged after the conference for your entertainment.


Our company strives in making our event a lesser burden on the individual or organisation by negotiating competitive and affordable travel packages.

visA to australia

If you are an international guest or speaker, please note that citizens of some countries require visas before entering Australia. To obtain an Australian Visa, you may require a letter of invite from the conference secretariat. To obtain the letter of invitation, the guest must have registered for the conference and paid the required conference cost. This is refundable if visas are not approve, you should allow a minimum of 60 days for visa processing at the nearest Australian Embassy. Please note, processing visa documents in some countries may take longer, depending on your country of origin. Visas can be obtained online by searching the Australian Government website and accessing the Department Of Immigration and border protection site. For your convenience we have added the link to our website, which is



Flexible sponsorship packages are available. Indigenous Conference Services (Australia) will be of further assistance in tailoring your sponsorship arrangement. Please phone us on +61455776668 or send us your expression of interest by e-Mail:


COntact us


Indigenous Conference Services (Australia)

Postal Address: 8 Kiwi Court Pt Vernon Queensland 4655 Australia



Phone: 0741942803 

                                                                    Please note this website is new and is continually being updated.

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