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Our conference is designed to be cost effective and provide communities, individuals, organizations with the opportunity to learn and achieve the best possible outcome for the best possible price to do this we would like to suggest.

  • To register as early as possible (our registrations prices change at the end of each month)

  • When booking your airline flights, it is recommended that you book a flexible change of date ticket so that if something does happen you do not lose the cost of your initial airfare.

  • It is highly recommended that you take out travel insurance and for your travel or accommodation if paid by credit card simply call the credit card company you should be able to activate your complimentary travel insurance (we stress that this must be carried out prior to your departure date).

  • When booking accommodation, a twin shared room can greatly reduce the accommodation costs.

  • At each of our events we negotiate a discount rate with the venue which can be obtained by booking your accommodation and registration simultaneously on the one form provided

  • If your organistion has more than two delegates attending, it is far more cost effective to pre book an uber or taxi rather than a shuttle service.

  • The venue for the event is close to many of the restaurants and other establishments which are more cost effective than eating at your accommodation.

  • Pre booking long term car parking online is a further way of utilizing funds effectively.

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