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The philosophy of this conference is to provide an educational platform to the wider community and endeavour to sensitively assist in a culturally appropriate way with the healing of spirit, mind, body and soul of First Nations peoples throughout the world. This conference is formulated by Indigenous Conferences Services whose employees and their families have been profoundly affected by, in one way or another, the issues of stolen generations and inter-generational trauma wherein mental health issues commonly arise from.


The core belief of this conference is that the journey of healing will take generations to come, whilst healing varies from one individual and their family to another. The overarching aim for the conference is to assist with the journey of healing and to act as an open and frank discussion and forum where not just ideas are shared but also have the potential of further uniting First Nations peoples and to highlight to the government that our journey is far from complete.


The conference will undoubtedly be educational,

inspirational, eye-opening, thought-provoking,

initiates brisk debate and certainly provides plenty

of opportunities for food for thoughts.


Moreover, the conference shall strive to increase

cultural awareness and understanding as well as

hopefully aid in some way with the long journey of

healing. As First Nations Peoples, it is now

imperative that we unite and rebuild as sovereign independent nations, in order to assert our sovereign title and rights throughout Australia. This will be a major political and legal fight, but it is our future for not just us, but for our children and grandchildren.




The conference is not politically biased. Rather, it should be seen as an opportunity to access information that is not readily available. Today the world has become smaller with the invention of the internet and jet travel.  As such, we are of the belief that there is nothing more empowering and more effective than people having an opportunity to network and collaborate. The conference vision for this event is to embrace the philosophy of First Nations community-controlled and mainstream service providers through promoting an informative forum of research, health education and training of staff for the betterment of Indigenous health.

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