The 12th Indigenous Men Conference will be held in Cairns on the 14th - 16th December 2022. It is the only conference that has been continuously running since the establishment of the Indigenous Men concept and is the largest gathering of delegates from all sectors outside of Indigenous national associations. The conference is held biannually and over the past ten years has attracted thousands of attendees bringing together representatives from all states and territories governments,

First Nations men medical services and mainstream health sectors, community-controlled organisations, First Nations communities, allied health professionals and non-government organisations, researchers and interested individuals.

The conference is hosted by Indigenous Conference Services with great line up of First Nations speakers from all around Australia.

The conference will focus on the great achievements of Indigenous Men for their community and family. Before the coming of Captain Cook and non-Indigenous people, we had strong and vibrant culture of our marking. We also had our ways of law and strong family ties when men did the hunting of kangaroos and the women were the main care givers of the family. These were the days when men where called men and the keepers of men’s business, and the protectors of their lands. In no way does this detract from the contribution of women.

Today in our lives we live cities and towns, in fact they say up to 70% of Australians live in urban environments around the coastline of this land. As part of the philosophy of this event, we ask the question what would happen if the non-Indigenous people did not land on the east coast but on the top end. No matter what the answer is, Indigenous men of this land would still find solace and depend on our culture.


The backbone of our existence is based upon the support of our family, our culture, and Indigenous men’s unique ability to support each other from the north to the south, from east to the west. This gathering will endeavour to empower the spirit of healing though education. As Indigenous men come from many different environments and situations the strength we do have are our combined strength coupled with the sharing of knowledge. In many community organizations, Indigenous men play vital roles in which also includes leading roles on community boards from grassroots level through to national levels. However when it comes to equal rights for Indigenous, men tend to walk together with Indigenous women to fight against social injustice for Indigenous people.


For many years, the provision of Indigenous men’s services have been fragmented. The conference will inspire and help develop one’s own self-determination. Moreover, the participants will be provided with a dynamic networking opportunity for all.  In today’s society, Indigenous men are developing careers while maintaining a home and family life. Indigenous men are empowered to determine their future hence we call on all men to be part of the conference. This conference should be seen as a further step in your education within the organization that you are employed by. The cost of sending an employee is reasonably substantial, hence to ensure that conference proceedings are attended ICS will issue a certificate of attendance of the course if the delegate attended no less than 85% of the conference proceedings. 


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