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We wish to formally and unreservedly invite you and your organisation to the

12th National First Nation’s Boys to Men`s Conference will be held at

Hilton Hotel in Cairns on December 11-13, 2023.  This conference aims

to invite First Nation's men from all over the country to engage in

meaningful discussions and address critical issues that impact the

everyday lifestyle of First Nation men and boys.

The conference will provide a platform for men to share their

experiences, challenges, and successes. Furthermore, to open a frank

discussion in relation to developing a national men’s

network/discussion forum.

A national collective of First Nations men’s groups would not necessarily be constituted as peak body rather a further extension of groups and individuals who meet and lend support to other First Nations men. In many cases, we have our own local issues whether it would be mental health, domestic violence or our whole wellbeing. The proposed network would be a place where First Nations men can yarn and discussions at a local, state and even a national level. In today’s society, First Nations men and women walk hand in hand in partnership fighting for justice for our families, communities and our people.

​Many men face significant challenges in their lives, including poverty, discrimination, and the legacy of colonialism. By coming together in a safe and supportive environment, we can develop a sense of community and belonging, which can have a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. The conference also provides a space for men to discuss issues that may

be difficult to raise in our  communities, such as family violence and/or substance

abuse. Overall, the 2023 National First Nation’s Boys to Men's Conference is an

important event that plays a crucial role in promoting the wellbeing of First Nation’s

men. By bringing together men from across the country, the conference fosters a

sense of community, provides a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences,

and encourages men to take ownership of our wellbeing. It is an event that will

celebrate the positive impact it has on the lives of First Nation’s men in Australia.

Over the past ten years the conference has attracted thousands of attendees bringing

together representatives from all states, territories and internationally. The

conference is hosted by Indigenous Conference Services (Australia) with great line

up of First Nation’s speakers not only from all around Australia, but also from

New Zealand, United States of America, and Canada.


The event is based upon the principal belief that First Nation’s men’s issues must be approached from a holistic view, which encompasses body, mind and spirit; thus, leading to the fundamental rights of self-determination. No matter what your culture is. If you are a First Nation’s person, statistics show that health, education, and the justice system is monstrously weighted against First Nation’s People. 

The 2022/2023 First Nation’s Men`s Health Report further highlights how wide the gap is. In today’s society First Nation’s people have a varied lifestyle, ranging from inner-city living to isolated communities. Therefore, there is no set approach to dealing with men’s issues, as you have to look at the environment that you live in and, more importantly, the agencies that are available to assist. The conference is designed to bring together both government and non-government agencies who are working in the First Nation’s men’s sector, therefore focusing on First Nation’s    men and strengthening our life expectancy. ​

The Hilton Hotel in Cairns, with its modern facilities and comfortable accommodations, will serve as an ideal venue for the conference. It will provide a conducive environment for participants to engage in discussions, network, and learn from each other's experiences. The 12th National First Nation's Boys to Men's Conference promises to be an important event that brings together First Nation men

from across the country and internationally to collectively address the issues and challenges we face as

Indigenous men and work towards positive change. It will be an opportunity for collaboration,

empowerment, and celebration of First Nation cultures, and contribute

towards building a brighter future for First Nation men and boys in

Australia. So, register now and mark your calendars and be a part of

this significant event at the Hilton Hotel in Cairns.

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