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Calling Papers

To ensure grassroots community programs are highlighted, no less than 50 per cent of the conference proceedings are and is devoted to community groups. If your paper is selected, you may have more than one presenter to present your paper. However, only two presenters will be entitled to the registration discount. If you are chosen to present at the conference, your paper will form part of the conference proceedings and be distributed at the conclusion of the event with all other presentations. To further ensure the continued success of the conference, an Indigenous working group is being established to advise on correct adherence to cultural equilibrium. If you are interested in submitting a paper please,


The 12th National First Nations Men`s and Women's Wellbeing Conference aims to share and celebrate our stories. Come and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, strengths, successes and empowerment. To share each other’s stories and ideas about what has worked for you or your communities and how we address life’s challenges. Moreover, the conference aims to: 

  •       To create a platform for open and frank discussion.

  •       Highlights successful programs in the community for Indigenous Men and Women's

  •       To bring together Indigenous men and Women's to show their empowerment, experiences, new innovations and excellent outcomes of Indigenous programs

  •       Bring together workers, researchers, service providers, government agencies, policy makers/ developers and organizations

  •       Outlining the priority area and enablers for better Indigenous men’s and and Women's performance

  •       Demonstrate the value of investment in Indigenous men

  •       Networking and Lend support to individuals and groups working in the field of Indigenous Men’s or           Women's health

  •       Exchange information regarding the successes of community projects

  •       Strategies for linking holistic policy with Indigenous men or Women's

  •       Explore methods for improving accountability at all levels to sustain progress for Indigenous men or Women

submitting a PAPERS

Guidelines for Submitting Paper

  • Papers should not contain offensive language and take in to account cultural sensitivities.

  • Papers may treat the themes in a manner that contributes to a further discussion of the conference aims.

  •  A photo of the all presenter of the paper All all paper submissions must be a company with a  Head & Shoulders with plain background (no presentation will be accepted without photos) 

  • Conference papers must be presented in the finish format not less 60 days prior to the event.

  • First round of papers is now being sought for the 2022 event with the closing date being the end of September 2022. ​

  • Papers should be submitted in a Microsoft Word format (word). Conference presentations should be supplied in PowerPoint format 30 days before the conference.

  • A brief outline of paper (maximum 350 words online) is all that is required when submitting paper.

  • Presentation time at the conference for your papers will be allowed a maximum of 45 minutes, this will include Q & A time.

  • Call for papers registration fee of $750 will apply to all persons submitting papers, payable upon acceptance of papers.

  • Papers must explore ways in which the themes show up in the philosophy of the conference.

  • A maximum of two presenters for each paper are eligible for the discounted call for papers registration fee. If 2 presenters, then 2 biographies are required. If 2 presenters are to present, at least one person must be of First Nations descent.

  • Two paragraphs outlining the proposed speaker’s biography is mandatory.                                        

  • (MUST HAVE) A Head and Shoulders photo with a plain background no trees or paintings.

  • Authors agree to have their paper published as part of the conference proceedings

  • Authors to agree to allow biography of themselves and their photo published as part of the conference promotion.

  • Authors agree to consent to media interviews, if required.

  • Authors and presenters must show due respect and acknowledgement to Traditional Owners and must include “Acknowledgement to Country” at the beginning of their presentation.

  • The correct wording will be provided as part of your confirmation letter if chosen and successful in being accepted with due respects and acknowledgement to traditional owners of land where we will be convening.

  • Author/s of papers presented at the conference will be formally notified of acceptance.





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