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This conference presents a unique opportunity for delegates to participate in a positive environment that is dedicated to the sharing of information. All Indigenous people and non-indigenous people whether you’re an Aboriginal Health practitioner, a program manager or support worker or in an executive role who have a vested interest in closing the gap in First Nations health and wellbeing are invited to attend. Delegates attending these closing the gap conferences will:


Gain Knowledge and Awareness: Attending this conference will provide you with valuable insights and information on the health challenges and disparities faced by First Nations peoples. This knowledge can help increase your awareness and understanding of the issues and challenges, and help you become more informed about the experiences of First Nations peoples.

Networking Opportunities: This conference provide a great opportunity to network with other professionals, researchers, and experts in the field of First Nations health. It can help you connect with others who share your interests and passion for closing the gap in the health of First Nations peoples.

Professional Development: Attending this conference can be an important part of your professional development, especially for those working in the healthcare or social service sectors who work with First Nations patients. The information and insights gained from the conference can help you improve your skills and knowledge, and enhance your ability to provide a culturally appropriate care to Indigenous peoples.

Empowerment: This conference will be an empowering experience for delegates as it can help individuals feel more connected to their culture, community, and history, and provide attendees with a sense of empowerment and motivation to take action towards improving the health of First Nations peoples.

Advocacy: The conference aims to serve as an important platform in advocating for change and raising awareness about important issues. Attending this conference provides you with opportunities to engage in advocacy efforts and help support initiatives that aim to address the health disparities and improve the health outcomes for Indigenous peoples.



The 2023 National First Nations Closing the Gap Health Conference is ideal for those responsible for designing and delivering primary health care, improving the responsiveness of the health care system to First Nations people and fostering good health & wellbeing from:   


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clinicians

  • PHNs & Researchers

  • Social & Emotional Wellbeing workers

  • Aboriginal health professionals and practitioners  

  • Elders & Community representatives 

  • Program managers and Policymakers 

  • Governments - State / Territory and Commonwealth

  • University Lecturers

  • GPs & Medical Specialists

  • Psychologist & Social workers

  • Care finders, health connectors, aged care workers and disability support workers

  • NGOs & philanthropists

  • Aboriginal Medical Services

  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations

  • Mental Health Practitioners

  • Community Services organisations

  • Interested Individuals

2023 conference theme

The conference theme is based upon an approach of “Prevention is better than Cure” which require collaborative partnership between all stakeholders, working together to support First Nations communities in addressing all forms of First Nations Health. The foundation of the conference is to share and discuss positive models of change and initiatives. The event is structured in such a way as to develop a wider methodology towards preventative programs that are culturally appropriate and therefore more likely to succeed. This conference is devoted to showing the positives in addressing First Nations Health in our communities and families today. Hence, the event has been developed with the belief that it is time to promote the positives and successes in Closing the gap programs whilst still recognising that we still have a long way to go.

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