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(This draft agenda may change without prior notice and published only to guide those submitting papers. Final agenda will be published closer to date.)

day 1 December 14, 2022

8:30 AM      REGISTRATION & Master of Ceremony Announcements

9:00 AM      Welcome to Country 

9:15 AM      Traditional Cultural Performance 

9:45 AM      Formal Opening Keynote -Closing the gap: Has it worked for First Nations Men's Health

10:30 AM    MORNING BREAK ~ Network with exhibitors and service providers

11:00 AM    Keynote Session - State of First Nations men’s health and well being: From the community perspective                             

11:45 AM    Keynote Session -  Working with Indigenous Men in the Community  (Calling for community papers)

12:30 PM    LUNCH BREAK ~ Network with exhibitors and service providers   

1:30 PM      Concurrent Session A: Paternal Health only we can do it - Social determinants of men's health (Calling for papers) 

                    Concurrent Session B: Family Violence STOPS with Me

 2:15 PM     Concurrent Session A: Indigenous Men’s Education: Improving Indigenous Men's Career Prospects & Self-Esteem

                    Concurrent Session B: Art, Culture, Lore: Empowering Others Through Empowering Myself  ​

3:00 PM      AFTERNOON TEA ~ Networking with Exhibitors & Service Providers

3:30 PM      Keynote Session -   Domestic violence: The impact on our families and communities

4:15 PM      Keynote Session -   The Power of One: Strength Through Unity - It Is The Future

6:30 PM      Conference Networking Dinner Cruise

day 2 December 15, 2022


8:30 AM    SIGN-IN & Master of Ceremony Announcements

9:00AM     Keynote (Blackfeet First Nations Speaker)  - Exploring Best Practices For Indigenous Youth Suicide Prevention    

9:45AM     Keynote (Maori First Nations Speaker)  - New approach in New Zealand towards Methamphetamine Use and Depression

10:30 AM  MORNING BREAK ~ Network with exhibitors and service providers

​11:00 AM  Concurrent Session A: Our Mob, Our Community - Uniting Men's Voices (Calling for community papers)

                   Concurrent Session B: Empowered Men, Empowered Families

 11:45 AM Concurrent Session A: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men's Mental Health Program

                   Concurrent Session B: My testimonial, My story of being a proud Indigenous Men


12:30 PM   LUNCH BREAK ~ Network with exhibitors and service providers   

 1:30 PM    Keynote Session - Yarning with Our Elder, Empowering Indigenous Men (Calling for community papers)

 2:15 PM    Keynote Session - Working with Indigenous Men in the Community - Getting It Together (for our mob)

3:00 PM     AFTERNOON TEA ~ Networking with Exhibitors & Service Providers

3:30 PM     Keynote Session -  Chronic Diseases Management in Indigenous Health

4:15 PM     YARNING PANEL by Elders, Guest Speakers & All Delegates


Day 3 December 16, 2022 (post-CONFERENCE MASTERCLASS)

For 2022, we offer new and exciting innovation for our conferences. Day 3 is devoted to a professional development workshop or masterclass. As such, we have introduced several exciting networking and professional development innovations which is an extra cost for your chosen masterclass. Day 3 is optional so please make sure you complete your registration form with the masterclass included if you intend to attend. 



The Healing Circle Work masterclass addresses emotional challenges and barriers faced by people who have had traumatic experiences. Healing Circle Work is not a therapeutic program, but therapeutic outcomes are experienced. As participants, you will learn to live life in the moment recognising and understanding your own spirituality, and gaining the ability to enter the moment to reaffirm yourselves. 

This workshop will teach you to learn to appreciate and be accountable for your highest good, and the highest good of others around you.  Healing Circle Work is provided in group sessions, and is suitable for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants over 18 years of age. Reserve your place now and

let us unlock this ancient Aboriginal wisdom and knowledge shared with all peoples.


 Healing Circle Works is strictly limited to 10-12 people only. Cost is $350 per person.


OPTION 2 - CONFERENCE MASTERCLASS - The Gatekeeper Cultures and Spirituality - Interventionist to Suicide 

​Worrying about how your team, family and community effectively assist and manage clients experiencing intergenerational trauma? Indigenous peoples around the world endured several generations of trauma and other neurological effects and compromised behavioural immunity which leads to behavioural indicators such as substance abuse and suicide.  Our current generation is impacted by structural violence, poverty, racism, governmental neglect and ongoing hostilities, and unfortunately, our mob have learned our lessons in traumatiSation as well wherein many situations, we have internalized the trauma imposed on ourselves and turned onto our own families, communities, and selves.   

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