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INDIGENOUS CONFERENCE SERVICES (ICS-MEES PTY LTD) is totally 100% Indigenous owned.  The absolute core and soul of our company is our people and culture. We believe that the people who make up ICS have a commitment to First Nations affairs both through their work life and experiences.   Our motto is be positive, be strong, be independent, and always walk the walk and talk the talk. Over the years, we have built the most experienced Indigenous Conference Management team you will find worldwide. Since opening our doors, we have clocked up an impressive array of events both within Australia and internationally.  


ICS has organised conferences up to 6,500 delegates, festivals up to 70,000 over two (2) days and thousands of smaller conferences and events. We offer a wide range of services from total event management to marketing and even a free of charge service for conference venues. One of the most important contributions toward a successful event is the correct choice of location and venue. Organising an Indigenous specific conference is not the same as organising a mainstream event.  We believe there are several major differences that we adhere too.


  1. Engaging

  2. Cultural  

  3. Working with the ALL locals Community's wherever and however possible

  4. Understanding community, the needs of both client and the target audience 

  5. Able to work with both Government & Community Organisations

ICS is based upon the principles of maintaining our own Cultural identity whilst striving for our own self-determination through education & private enterprise.  ICS is by far the longest and the most professional modern-day event management company in Australia.  We are proud of our heritage which coupled with our unyielding drive and determination to obtain the highest standard of professional event management.  These factors place us way ahead of the competition and sets the benchmarks for others to follow.

We are Australia’s leading culturally appropriate First Nations People's Conference & Event Management Service.  We have clocked up over 50 years’ experience in the field and thousands of hours in developing our own specialised computer software for staging events.  In addition to this, our technical expertise in audio/visual field adds to making your conference not only look great, but run smoothly.
ICS provides several COMPLIMENTARY services in Australia & worldwide including:

•  Venue research
• Location research                
• Airfares
• Booking Service
• Obtaining quotes for your venue        
•  Web Design
•  Venue booking
•  Hotel accommodation 

Because of our unequalled buying power in the marketplace, we are able to negotiate and extract a far more competitive deal for your event, conference rooms, hotel accommodation and even airfares.  It’s quite simple when combined with other projects and events, buying power is substantially improved. Each year, we have thousands of delegates to ICS events which enable us to obtain a far better deal for our clients, thus possibly saving tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours.

ICS provides a complete and comprehensive range of services for part or all of your event needs: – conferences, events, festivals, product launches and promotional material e.g.: conference satchels, event T-Shirts and incentives just to name a few.  From a corporate luncheon or dinners to a major residential conference, let ICS do all the legwork for you at no cost to your organisation.  

We believe education is the key to generational change and a brighter future, and we are deeply committed to the ongoing success of Indigenous independence through private enterprise and the fostering and nurturing of partnerships. Through developing partnerships with community organisations, ICS will fund in some cases events and conferences without sourcing funding from government departments and organisations.  This enables community groups the opportunity to stage a conference or event without going cap in hand seeking funding. A further benefit of an ICS funded event is the freedom to place on the event agenda specific issues prevalent to the partnered organisation. All ICS events are what is termed public interest and have deep grounding with grassroots principles.

No matter where you are in Australia or overseas, all it takes is a phone call or an email to our dedicated event coordinators on 0741942803 email: You can provide us with a brief of your event this, in turn, starts the process – we will research for available and suitable venues to fit your needs and budget, usually we can submit a consolidated proposal within 24 to 48 hrs obligation free.  Further information can be obtained by visiting our website: 


Our Koori CEO, Tom Callaghan comes from Kempsey in Dainggati country of NSW. Other members are from Indigenous convention groups in the Philippines & Thailand. In total, we have over fifty years of experience specializing in Indigenous events.


We specialise in working with NGOs and governments and initiated several successful events over the years. In 2014, we have over two thousand delegates attended our four conferences from all sectors of the community. These were not small achievements as our 2014 events were all self-funded and without government grants although we attracted sponsorship from several non-government organisations for 2015 events and 26.17,18.2019.


Our events are designed to be an information sharing platform in a forum for not only open and frank discussion but also based upon the principles of Indigenous self-determination through the sharing of positive information, programs and cooperation between community organisations and governments. We hold a fundamental belief that where a national community-controlled organisation is hosting events/conference, we do not and will not compete nor enter into issues in relation to their association or day to day running of their associations.

Moreover, if a national association is not funded to run an event, we will lend our support and expertise to help develop the conference. Our business model is successful and well-proven; hence, ICS continues to save organisation's money, time and resources. The ICS business model has work both nationally and internationally for many years now. Fundamental to this is remaining neutral and outside political agendas. ICS events is totally dedicated to the sharing of information from all levels without fear or favour. 


We do not enter into government policies nor were wishing to develop a profile that will interfere or cut across any community group’s philosophy or beliefs. Our sole aim is to bring together information that can be disseminated for the better good of Indigenous communities. It is our plan to be recognised as a network sharing tools and a provider of quality conferences and seminars that enhances local and government organisation with quality speakers and training programs.


conference is not political based rather should be seen as an opportunity to access information that is not readily available at your own level. Today, the world has become smaller with the invention of the internet however the internet has also managed to sterilised and isolate people at the same time. As such, we are of the belief that there is nothing more empowering and more efficient than for workers to have an opportunity to network and meet face to face to exchange ideas, valuable information and successful programs in place in

their communities 


Cairns and Hervey Bay

Edmonton PO LPO BOX  702

Queensland 4869

Ph 07 4000 9111

04 55 77 6668

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