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Every year we offer a concentrated and comprehensive program of innovative workshops on the latest in evaluation theories and methods, best practices and tools. This year’s program features a strong selection of topics for beginners and evaluation professionals, and commissioners, at every level of experience and expertise.


The Underground workshop for growing your leadership…


Worrying about how you are leading your teams, family and community are symptoms of a much greater problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news). 


Being a black face in a white space can be exhausting that is for sure.  We face pressures and day to day stresses that non-indigenous leaders do not.  We have to:

  • Diplomatically manage ourselves around people’s ignorance ad scepticism of our identity, our position, our credentials, our authority and even our pay check.

  • Stay true to our cultural, family and community principles whilst navigating the Whitefella world.

  • Continually give cross-cultural lessons to others so that our workplaces are culturally safe.

  • Put ourselves on the firing line of Blackfulla politics and risk being a target of lateral violence.

  • Become super high achievers and workaholics in order to keep up.

“Leadership exhaustion can kick in at any time and often when we least expect it!


 This one day workshop will teach you to:

  • Find out what your leadership blueprint is.  This is your own unconscious set of principles that drives your leadership and determines how effective you are as a leader.

  • Build your leadership muscles by taking care of yourself.

  • Run your own brain and increase your leadership intelligence.

  • Unchain yourself from a Silent National Lie which is at the heart of your effectiveness as an Indigenous leader.


In Just One Day You Can Learn Simple Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind and Change Your Leadership Forever…


Leadership Secrets is strictly limited to 30 people only.

The Cost is $330

There are no refunds but we are happy for you to transfer for registration to another person.

Presented by Wendy Watego and Vicki Scott of the STARS Institute of Learning and Leadership and authors of the book “Out Of The Boxing Thinking on Indigenous Leadership” Simple Strategies to Create An Empowering Future.  To get to know them better check out their Bio’s and their Website

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to meet you at Leadership Secrets – the Underground Workshop for Growing Your Leadership!


Worrying about how your team, family and community effectively assist and manage clients experiencing intergenerational trauma? Indigenous peoples around the world endured several generations of trauma and other neurological effects and compromised behavioural immunity which leads to behavioural indicators such as substance-abuse and suicide.  Our current generation is impacted by structural violence, poverty, racism, governmental neglect and ongoing hostilities, and unfortunately our mob have learned our lessons in traumatisation as well where in many situations, we have internalized the trauma imposed on ourselves and turned onto our own families, communities, and selves.   

This workshop will teach you:

  • The strong benefits of recapturing and revitalizing our languages, cultures and spirituality

  • How to become an interventionist to suicide in your communities

  • Understand and utilise trauma-informed care to heal ourselves, our clients, and our communities.

  • Strategies in managing clients and families affected by inter-generational trauma and break the cycle of suicide in our communities.

In Just One Day You Can Learn Strategies how to become an interventionist to suicide and work effectively with your clients who are experiencing inter-generational trauma and their families.


Dr. Joseph B. Stone, PhD, an Anasaki-pikuni ceremonialist and traditionalist and member of the OKKAN (Sundance), the Last Star Thunder Medicine Pipe and Beaver Lodge.  He is a clinical psychologist and with his partner, Amber Logan, owner of Indigenous Development Specialists of Havelock North, New Zealand.  Dr. Stone works at Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga – a Kaupapa Maori Health Provider; Awhina Whanu Family Services, and the Napier Family Centre all located in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  He has clinical experience with adult prisoners and corrections and juvenile justice in both New Zealand and USA.  He is affiliated with the National Center on Trauma and Project Making Medicine – Indian Health Service Assessment and Treatment of Child Abuse at Oklahoma State University. He has presented too and served as consultant to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs of Native Youth Suicide.  Dr. Stone’s publications include articles on trauma, suicide, and other cultural / behavioural issues. 

Dr. Amber R. Logan is a traditional Kahungunu Maori Whine and a New Zealand Health Psychologist and Doctoral Fellow in Public Health at Otago University.  She teaches health psychology course work at the University of Auckland and Otago University and is well-known in New Zealand for her work in Methamphetamine education and community activism.  Amber Logan is a consummate grant writer, health services evaluator and health services program designer.  She has presented extensively in Australia, Canada, and the USA at Harvard University, the University of Washington, and to the US Federal Government.

This Masterclass is strictly limited to 30 people only. Cost is $330 per person.