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No Sunset For Our sons and daughters two-day training Workshop

Indigenous Development Specialists (I.D.S.) by Dr Joseph Stone & Associates

Joseph B. Stone, PhD, Amskaapii-Pikuni & Lakota Clinical Psychologist & Addiction Specialist


This workshop is one of the The No Sundown for our Children training series.  This training reinforces an Indigenous framework for community revitalisation.  Portions of westernised science are presented and examined.  First People select what of westernised science they want to incorporate.  The focus is on ameliorating colonisation and historical trauma’s byproducts: addictive behaviour, interpersonal violence, and suicide.

Day One

  1. Registration, Meet and Greet, Networking

  2. Greeting to Country, Introductions

  3. Introduction to Colonisation and Historical Trauma for Aotearoa / U.S. / Canada First Nations & Indigenous Community Revitalisation and Strengths

  4. Group Exercise – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Colonisation timeline and Community Strengths and Revitalisation. 

  5. Methamphetamine Addiction

  6. Methamphetamine In Utero

  7. First Nations Trauma Focused Care

  8. Break and Networking

  9. Traditional Talking Circle – Yarning

Day Two

  1.  Registration, Meet and Greet, Networking

  2. Greeting to Country, Questions / Comments

  3. Methamphetamine Effects – Children & Families

  4. ABC Child Observation Skills and Child Interventions

  5. Interventions for Caregivers of Methamphetamine Effected Children

  6. Overview of Childhood Maltreatment, Trauma, and Case Study

  7. Suicide Prevention in Indigenous Communities

  8. Break and Networking

  9. Traditional Talking Circle – Yarning – What Will You Take Home and Use from this Training.

  10. Evaluations, Closing

UpComing Workshops


Darwin Workshop: 9th-10th of December 2019 at The Hilton Hotel Friday from 9:00am–4:00pm

And many more workshops to come! So keep an eye out and be apart of the next to come! Numbers are limited to 30 participants per workshop, $450 per person.

Our seminars have been developed among the whole wellness principles for cultures, families and communities. This is a large part of our whole wellness approach in our courses. To enrol or register to attend, please email your expression of interest to or give us a call on (07) 4194 2803.


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